Cleaning Services

Fresh and clean surrounding will lead to a healthy working environment which is the basis for an efficiently functioning working environment. This also contributes greatly for the well-being of the employees and increases employee productivity as most people enjoy and appreciate clean and fresh surroundings.

For more than 5 years we have been striving hard to maintain top standards with cleaning services throughout the world by offering efficient and flexible cleaning solutions. All our solutions are customized keeping mind every individual customer’s needs and wishes. We keep introducing new methods, tools and materials, which enhance our cleaning services and also improve our working conditions of the employees while minimizing any kind of negative effect on the environment.

We pay great deal of attention over recruiting skilled employees and keep them constantly motivated by employee development and people management skills as our employees are the main source of our success. It’s the employee’s attitude, their service-level and efforts that make us adhere to our standards and meet every customer expectation. Thus we hire well qualified employees by providing them the required quality working conditions so that they in turn deliver quality service to our customers.

Specialized cleaning solutions for

  • Construction Projects with HARD / SOFT Cleaning Services
  • Hotel / Hospitals with Hygienic Cleaning Solution
  • Corporate, Bank, etc with Mechanized / Special Cleaning Service
  • Food processing plants.
  • The automotive industry Etc.


  • Expert Staff
  • Imported / Branded Chemicals
  • Imported Machineries
  • Expert Supervision on Entire Service

Deep Cleaning

Our model of ‘Deep Cleaning’ is a onetime thorough Cleaning which is done in Offices / Corporate and Residential Apartments. This specialized job is executed by our highly skilled Team Members consisting of 1 Sr. Supervisor and 6 housemen (depending on the size of the area the number of team members increase).

  • List of Activities for Deep Cleaning covers every aspect of cleaning and sanitizing to give the best look that lasts for long and makes it look as good as new.
  • Cleaning of paint spot & cements on floor • Clean and dust the picture frames.
  • Clean and dust skirting boards and electrical appliances.
  • Dust window sills and ledges grills.
  • Vacuum carpets and rugs, mop the floor and upholstery.
  • Clean appliances, counters, cabinets, tables, chairs and worktops.
  • Clean and disinfect toilet seat inside and out.
  • Clean and sanitizing all fixtures.
  • Wipe the door, handle and other bathroom fittings.
  • Mechanical cleaning of all the floors.

Carpet Cleaning

  • Dry vacuum cleaning and spotting
  • Carpet shampooing with highly recommended industry standard chemicals
  • Foaming the carpet with highly sophisticated machines
  • Extracting the foam with a help of highly sophisticated machine